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Stephen Crane'i luuletusi

Should the wide world roll away, 
Leaving black terror, 
Limitless night, 
Nor God, nor man, nor place to stand 
Would be to me essential, 
If thou and thy white arms were there, 
And the fall to doom a long way. 

If there is a witness to my little life, 
To my tiny throes and struggles, 
He sees a fool; 
And it is not fine for gods to menace fools. 

There were many who went in huddled procession, 
They knew not whither; 
But, at any rate, success or calamity 
Would attend all in equality. 

There was one who sought a new road. 
He went into direful thickets, 
And ultimately he died thus, alone; 
But they said he had courage. 

In heaven, 
Some little blades of grass 
Stood before God. 
"What did you do?"
 Then all save one of the little blades 
Began eagerly to relate 
The merits of their lives. 
This one stayed a small way behind, 
Presently, God said, 
"And what did you do?" 
The little blade answered, 
"Oh my Lord, 
Memory is bitter to me, 
For, if I did good deeds, 
I know not of them." 
Then God, in all His splendor, 
Arose from His throne. 
"Oh, best little blade of grass!" He said. 

A learned man came to me once. 
He said, "I know the way, -- come." 
And I was overjoyed at this. 
Together we hastened. 
Soon, too soon, were we 
Where my eyes were useless, 
And I knew not the ways of my feet. 
I clung to the hand of my friend; 
But at last he cried, "I am lost." 

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