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Millenniumi armastuslood

Täna tahaksin inglise keele lugejatele tutvustada Instagramikontot, mille looja kirjutab fotode kõrvale rabavaid lugusid pildistatud inimeste või paarikeste elust - umbes nagu leht humansofnewyork (Insta, FB), kuid keskendub Aasiale, kus vaesus ja väärkohtlemine on tohutult tugevalt väljendunud. See teeb lähisuhted kuidagi olulisemaks ning nii sealne põrgu kui ka paradiis on õhtumaa inimese 'maitse' jaoks väljendunud 'kurdistavates värvides'. Süda jätab löögi vahele kurbi lugusid lugedes ja armastuselugusid kuulates tahaks käed kokku panna ja taevast tänada...
Väga emotsionaalne lugemine!

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Kuna sel lehel räägitud intiimsed-isiklikud lood on nii paljusid sügavalt liigutanud, tahavad lugejad sageli kuulda, mis pildil kujutatud inimestest edasi sai ja kuidas neid aidata.

Seega on autor võtnud enda missiooniks pakutud abi vastu võtta ja nende inimesteni toimetada!
Ka püüab ta fotost huvitatud pildistatutele endile ka foto tuua ja kuulda, mis ja kuidas nende elus muutunud on ning neidki lugusid räägib ta oma lehel, sest inimesed tõesti tahavad teada!
Väga armas, minu meelest!

Ega seda vist teha ei tohiks, aga ma kopeerin siia nii mõned lood ja pildid päris viimastest päevadest ... Küll see inimesena elamine ikka on kummaline kingitus ...

1. lugu

I always call my wife crazy because of her mood fluctuations.  Usually when we go for a rickshaw ride, she always holds my hands or she…

"I always call my wife crazy because of her mood fluctuations. Usually when we go for a rickshaw ride, she always holds my hands or she rests her head on my shoulder. She never leaves my hands for a minute. But yesterday suddenly she was rigid for 30 minutes like mountain! This is not the first time for me. For the last 7 years I have been tolerant of her mood fluctuations. But every time after 15 to 30 minutes of being stiff, she becomes normal again and holds my hand with love and will tell me “I love you Moina Pakhi." I understand her very well. When she gets upset or feels down, I just keep calm and don’t make her angry.
She loves me like a child. She always keeps telling me “you are my best friend”, “you are my parents”, and “you are my life”. We are like twins. We like everything the same. We talk the same way, we like the same color; we like to eat the same kinds of food. We both like to swim in the river. Every month I have to take her to the river to swim with her. She likes street food, so almost once a week, we have to walk on the street and eat street food. She likes villages, so almost every month we go to visit a village for the whole day.
She always makes fun of me telling me “you are not my husband, you are my girlfriend” When we are together we behave like children, we feel more joyful together. Also we fight a lot. But we cannot survive more than few hours without talking to each other.I have to say I’m sorry to her every time to stop the fighting. Even if she makes mistakes I have to say I’m sorry. She behaves like she did nothing. But this never bothers me. When I get angry I always tell myself, she is my life. How can I not support my life when she is in a bad mood? I feel when we fight, she needs me most. I know she keeps waiting for me; that moment when I will say I’m sorry to her and talk to her again. I know she would die if I don’t start talking to her."
_ Haq Mia and Bilkis Begum

2. lugu

I never wanted to be a mother in my life. My grandma was a sex worker; my mother is a sex worker, so this is not an exception for me. This…

"I never wanted to be a mother in my life. My grandma was a sex worker; my mother is a sex worker, so this is not an exception for me. This is the oldest profession of our family; this is a chain that is ongoing. I have wanted to break this chain all of my life by not becoming a mother. But you know what? It’s very hard to stop the cycle of nature! I saw all of my mother’s pain being a sex worker. I saw how she felt standing in the same alley with me searching for customers. I know how it feels sharing the same customer who would sleep with your daughter the next day. I saw her attempting suicide in our room; fortunately, she survived.  I never wanted to be a mother but when I realized that I was pregnant, my mind changed tremendously; I didn’t want to kill my child. Everyone told me to get an abortion but I could not do it. Our madam pressured me for an abortion but I was protecting my baby with all the energy I had. Madam called the Babu, who used to come to me the most and who had once promised me that he would marry me! She told him that this might be his child and that I could blackmail him anytime! Babu beat me ruthlessly and tried to force me (to abort from his beating OR to have an abortion) but I convinced him to stop by embracing his feet and begging him for the life of my child. I signed a contract and assured him that I will never want anyone’s name for my child. Becoming a mother is not an easy task in these brothels. Lots of women have died because of improper treatment. I had to battle a lot every day with pregnancy sickness and at the same time, I had to attend to my target customers. Some people are very ruthless and ill minded; they like pregnant women for their own indulgence and entertainment. I prayed to God for a baby boy during the whole period of my pregnancy but it’s a girl again in our family. God didn’t listen to me. Everyone is telling me this will happen again. But I am determined to get her out from this Hell. After all of this, I am not deterred from my goal; I will break this woeful chain. If a mother wants a good life for her child, nothing can stop her."_ shopna

3. lugu

Every time I see my gorgeous wife I fall in love with her again. Every single day for the last 14 years I have fallen for her. Every day I…

"Every time I see my gorgeous wife I fall in love with her again. Every single day for the last 14 years I have fallen for her. Every day I told myself how beautiful she is. I like every single thing about her. How she talks, how she looks, how she smiles, her hair, her nose, her smell, her hands, everything! I like her feet most; but she never lets me see her feet nor let me touch them. She thinks her feet are not as beautiful as much as I would like them to be. I can’t explain how much I like her a little more every day. I keep looking at her all day. But she never trusts my opinions of her. She always works under sun light with me and she keeps telling me that she is not beautiful anymore. She says she is getting dark; she is getting ugly. This makes me very angry sometimes. I wish I could make her understand how very beautiful she is and how fortunate I am to get her as my wife, as my best friend, as my soulmate. My parents were like my friends, but after I lost them my wife become my everything. I never hide anything from my wife and I always accept her opinion for anything and everything I do. My wife means everything to me. She has been with me for the last 14 years. For the last 14 years I never needed any other friends. Once she went to her parents’ house for two days without me. Those two days I cried a lot and I was so lonely. I could not do any work and I even did not have anybody to talk to. When she came back, after seeing her I started crying immediately. Whenever I cry she told me, “You are a stupid man. I am not going anywhere anymore without my stupid husband”. I am a very strong man. I had never cried in front of anybody. But when I have any little problems or sickness, I hold my wife and start crying and she always mocks me for that. In front of her, I become like a child. We didn’t have any children during these 14 years. We never complain to God for that. And we are happy. We are so grateful to God that he gave us each other."_Abdul sobhan and Raseda begum
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