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Joanna Newsom, Baby Birch, Melkweg Rabozaal, May 30, 2010

Pakutakse, et see laul räägib abordist.

Väga vinge lugu ja artist igatahes... :)

This is the song for Baby Birch 
I will never know you 
And at the back of what we've done 
There is that knowledge of you 

I wish we could take every path 
I could spend a hundred years adoring you 
Yes, I wish we could take every path, 
Because I hated to close the door on you 

Do you remember staring up at the stars 
So far away in their bulletproof cars 
We heard the rushing, slow intake 
Of the dark, dark water 
And the engine breaks 

And I said 
How about them engine breaks 
And, if I should die before I wake 
Will you keep an eye on Baby Birch 
Because I'd hate to see her 
Make the same mistakes 

When it was dark I called and you came 
When it was dark I saw shapes 
When I see stars I feel in your hand, 
And I see stars and I reel, again 

Well mercy me, I'll be goddamned 
It's been a long long time since I last saw you 
And I have never known the plan 
It's been a long, long time, how are you 

Your eyes are green, your hair is gold 
Your hair is black, your eyes are blue 
I closed the ranks and I doubled back 
But you know, I hated to close the door on you 

We take a walk along the dirty lake 
Hear the goose cussing at me over her eggs 
You poor little cousin I don't want your dregs 
A little baby fussing all over my legs 

There is a blacksmith and there is a shepherd and there is a butcher-boy 
And there is a barber who's cutting and cutting away at my only joy 
I saw a rabbit as slick as a knife and as pale as a candlestick 
And I had thought it'd be harder to do but
I caught her and skinned her quick 
Held her there kicking and mewling, upended, unspooling, unsung and blue 
Told her "wherever you go, little runaway bunny I will find you" 
And then she ran 
As they're liable to do 

Be at peace, baby, and begone

When she was 18, in the middle of her senior year of high school, she decided that she needed "some sort of ritual marker of the end of childhood." Her plan was to camp in the open air for three days and nights, eating little, seeing no one, communing with the great outdoors.[11] Describing her experience, Newsom stated, "I hesitate to speak about it because it sounds so corny, but one of my goals out there was to find a spirit-animal. On the third day, I was kind of delirious. I'd only eaten a little rice. I'd just slept and looked at a river for three days. I was prepared to be visited by my spirit animal – I was just sitting there, saying some sort of prayer, inviting that presence into my life. And then I saw three white wolves charging down at me. I thought maybe I was hallucinating; but I was also prepared to die. But the wolves ran up and started licking my face. Then I remembered that the daughter of the woman who owned the property kept domesticated wolves."[12]

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