kolmapäev, 18. jaanuar 2017

Kui kohtuvad melanhoolia ja ilu...

Tekst YouTube'i lehelt, video alt:

1] main idea is to bind the two strong feelings the song gives us ; melancholy and beauty [2] while we begin contrasting these concepts by giving the kid in the car the attribute of melancholy ,the same child on the other hand will represent the attribute of 'beauty'. by the end of the video both will meet and share a moment together, making these apparent contrasting ideas come together in something powerful. [3] in a way these two persons live in a different universes separated by a very thin line [4] more than selling characters, its important that they represent 'melancholy' and 'beauty' as a sensation. [5] the visuals are open for interpretation ,having an abstract story line with some guidance points.

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