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Sünnikuupäev ja numeroloogia

Ma tahaks ikkagi hakata ära tõlkima need tekstid, mis ma siia blogisse panen, sest mulle kohe üldse ei meeldi jätta kõrvale need inimesed, kes inglise keelt ei räägi/loe - mõtlen alati oma isale, kui võõrkeelseid tekstilahmakaid siia laon. Aga seekord veel jätan tõlkimata, sest nii palju teksti on!

Nimelt tahtsin jagada üht artiklit selle kohta, mida tähendab teie sünnikuupäev.

Minu oma:

Born on the 6th, 15th, 24th 

You were born with loving and compassionate heart. You have a deep love of home and family and accept a great deal of responsibility when it comes to caring for them. On some level, you feel a need to be needed and enjoy doing for others. You also need harmony in your life and are well equipped to see both sides of every situation which makes for a wonderful adviser or even a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.  You have a gift with children or even animals. You are also a “champion for the underdog” and justice is important to you. You will always help those in need. You are warm and kind and generous and choose to see the good in people. You also have musical and artistic talents. Being born on this day is considered to be born “blessed”.

Märkisin jämeda kirjaga ära need kohad, mis minu meelest eriti hästi sobivad.

Mehe oma:

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th 

You are abundantly gifted with artistic expression. Whether you speak words or write them or find some other outlet for your creativity, you are meant to express yourself. You also have a good sense of humor and the ability to maintain a positive outlook on life. You have the ability to uplift others by your natural enthusiasm and endless optimism. You tend to see things in pictures and have a great imagination. You most likely are clairvoyant so pay special attention to your dreams and don’t be surprised if you occasionally “see” something. You are warm, friendly, generous and so much fun. You look younger than you actually are and your inner child is alive and well inside of you. Your biggest problem is trying to focus all that creative talent.

Ja VT oma:

Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th 

You are a natural born leader with a uniqueness that sets you apart from others. You have the ambition, courage, drive and determination to accomplish much success in life. You make up your own mind about things and are not easily influenced by the opinion of others. You think “outside of the box” and come up with innovative ideas. You walk your own path and are independent and self-sufficient. You would do well owning your own business or at least being in charge of one.
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Loodan, et naudite enda 'horoskoopi' :)
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Anonüümne ütles ...

Ma vaatasin seda linki ja lugesin teiste kuupäevade kohta ka ja leidsin, et mitmed sobivad mulle imehästi. Ehk sa märkasid, et iga kuupäev keskendub erinevatele omadustele ja seejuures näiteks "gifted with artistic expression" (3. kuupäev) ja "hard working" (4. kuupäev) ei ole teineteist välistavad ja need on asjad mida ma olen pikalt oma elus analüüsinud ja sestap mõlemad sobivad kui silma auku. Sündinud pole ma kummalgil kuupäeval.

karikate emand ütles ...

Tead, ma mõtlesingi teha nii ka, et võtan suvalised kuupäevad enda, Mehe ja VT kohta ja tõmban sealt tumedaks kõik, mis väga hästi sobib :D,
aga ei viitsinud.

VT tekst sobib suurepäraselt ka Mehele (Mehe oma VT'le ei sobi jälle üldse).
Ah, nii need horoskoobid tavaliselt on, et igaüks leiab omale midagi ja on rahul.
Lapsikud mängud (ilmselt siiski minu maitse järgi :D).